Early Warning System for Storm Management in the Coastal Commune of Hai An: Role of Information and Local Institutions

by Hoang Trieu Huy

Climate change will have impacts that add to the list of yet-unknown underlying processes. Hazards and vulnerability can change over time not only in intensity, frequency, and in location and duration, but also in importance and interest. This case study aimed at understanding the role of information and local institutions in early warning systems for disaster management in order to reduce vulnerability to recurrent storms and floods in coastal communities. The specific objectives were: i) to describe the hazards to livelihood by and vulnerability of livelihood to weather changes, particularly storms and floods; ii) to describe early warning systems for storms in disaster management and their evolution over time; iii) to document experiences of local people in regard to early warning systems; and iv) to provide recommendations on future adaptations to extreme climate conditions.

  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Sector: Others
  • Type: Individual Research Grant
  • Research Area: Climate Change
  • Research Topic: Adaptation Practices/Projects
  • Analytical Framework: Econometric Analysis
Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia