The Economic Valuation of Mangroves: A Manual for Researchers

This manual on the Economic Valuation of Mangroves has been compiled and developed from a number of sources as an aid to researchers in Southeast Asia involved in the evaluation of mangrove ecosystems. A companion EEPSEA manual 'The Economic Valuation of Alternative Tropical Forest Land Use Options' (Bann, 1997) contains a more detailed theoretical discussion of the issues and valuation approaches presented here, and should be referred to by the user as appropriate.  The manual was originally developed as an aid to Cambodian researchers in the execution of an EEPSEA-Pioneered study of Koh Kong mangrove, Cambodia. (The report resulting from that study is available as an EEPSEA Research Report.) Special thanks are due to Jack Ruitenbeek for careful comments on an earlier draft. The main components of this Manual are: an introduction to the values of, and threats to, mangrove ecosystems (Chapter 1); a theoretical introduction to valuation of the environment (Chapter 2); a methodology for the economic assessment of mangrove management options (Chapters 3-9); a qualitative discussion of the possible impacts associated with common development options for mangrove ecosystems (Chapter 10); and, two case-study examples from Asia (Chapter 11).


Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia