CALL FOR PAPERS: 7th Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics


East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (EAAERE)

Economic Growth Centre (EGC), Nanyang Technological University

College of Social Science, National Taipei University

Alumni Association, National Taipei University


The main theme of the Seventh Congress of the EAAERE is “Environment and Sustainable Development: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions.” Although the idea of sustainable development has been implemented in many areas since 1985, the progresses have not been satisfactory and many goals remain elusive. In this Seventh Congress, we invite members and colleagues to share and discuss research findings in all areas related to the environment and sustainable development. We believe the knowledge generated by the efforts of environmental economists will offer more concrete insights and workable solutions to these problems. In addition to the technical and academic interests in environmental economics, the Seventh Congress also likes to encourage discussions on the policy relevance of the research findings, which can make us have a better and deeper understanding of future scenarios as well as the design of policy instruments.


5-7 August, 2017



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