EEPSEA generates several types of publications, all of which are available for download:

Research Reports – These are the outputs of research projects supported by EEPSEA. All have been peer reviewed and edited. In some cases, longer versions may be obtained from the author(s). Selected Research Reports are sent biannually to selected university libraries all over Southeast Asia.

Technical Reports – These include studies that are either too academic and/or technical for wider circulation. It also includes research work that are based on short-term inquiries on specific topics (e.g., case studies) and those that are already published as part of EEPSEA special publications (e.g., books).

Policy Briefs – The key findings of most EEPSEA Research Reports are condensed into EEPSEA Policy Briefs.

Climate Change Briefs – These are briefs that condense the key findings of some of EEPSEA research projects on climate change.

Practitioner Series – This series is made up of monographs that provide readers with practical guidelines on the proper management of the environment. These guidelines are extracted from EEPSEA-supported research projects on environmental and natural resource economics.

Books – EEPSEA also publishes case books that focus on research methodology and regionally-relevant environmental issues.

Small Research Grants (SRG) Research Reports

Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia